We offer comprehensive treatment tailored to your needs in a friendly, approachable and professional way. Our treatments include routine dental care, emergency dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Treatment by our experienced dental team will return your teeth to good health and then help you to maintain good dental health.

Routine check up

The dentist will examine your mouth to determine how healthy your gums and teeth are. The dentist may also take x-rays at this time. This will enable the dentist to agree a course of treatment with you if any problems are found. Cancer can occur in any part of the mouth including the tongue and lips. Regular dental check-ups allow early detection of potential problems.

White Fillings

There are now many techniques available to restore a broken or decayed tooth using a tooth coloured filling material. Here at White Oak Dental Surgery we mainly use either composite or porcelain restorations. Both these filling materials are matched to your own natural tooth colour. They are bonded by a special adhesive into your tooth, adding to the retention of the filling and sealing the tooth.

Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding is a very simple cost-effective way of closing gaps, removing other defects, changing rotated or broken teeth. It involves simply bonding a composite filling material matched to your tooth colour without the need for any tooth tissue removal.

Root Canal/Endodontic Treatment

There may be acute pain when a tooth is infected or the nerve in the tooth is dying, due to abscess, periodontal disease, a fractured tooth or trauma to the mouth. A procedure called root canal treatment can often prevent the tooth being pulled out. The infection is treated from within the tooth by the injured nerve and pulp tissue being taken out. Then the roots are sterilised and sealed to prevent bacteria re-entering, thus alleviating the pain. Following root canal treatment the tooth may be restored with bonded material or with a crown.


When a tooth is badly broken, heavily filled or root treated you may wish the dentist to crown or ‘cap’ it to restore its appearance and strength. Crowns are made of porcelain, precious metal or porcelain with metal inside.


A bridge provides a fixed solution for one or more missing teeth. In simple terms they can be viewed as crowns joined together and cemented on the supporting teeth, with fixed false tooth/teeth in between to "bridge the gap". They are a very desirable alternative to a removable partial denture.

Dentures/Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for your teeth, designed to look and function like your own natural teeth and surrounding gum tissues. Modern-day dentures can look very realistic and natural and feel comfortable.

When all your teeth are missing, a complete denture is used to replace them, whereas if only a few teeth need replacing, a partial denture or over-denture is used. Partial dentures can prevent your existing healthy teeth from shifting following tooth loss.


Dental implants offer a permanent solution for your missing teeth and are essentially a substitute for a natural root. An implant is a device made of titanium that is placed into your jaw under local anaesthetic. It becomes fixed to the bone by “osseo-integration” i.e. new bone growing around it. Once placed, an implant can provide the foundation for long-term support of crowns, bridges or dentures.

INMAN aligner – Orthodontic Treatment

The Inman Aligner is a fantastic, simple and hassle-free way of straightening your front teeth. It is the orthodontic treatment of choice for adult relapse and minor crowding problems. You will be fitted with an aligner which is a removable appliance used to move the teeth and which is only just visible when worn. It can be removed when necessary (mainly to enable ease of eating and to clean teeth). In just 6-16 weeks it is possible to achieve a marked improvement in tooth alignment.


Veneers are a way of treating discoloured or unsightly teeth, closing gaps between front teeth or repairing chips and cracks and can provide a more level look to crowded teeth. Veneers work more or less on the same principle as putting on fake fingernails. The enamel surface of the tooth is etched and then a thin porcelain veneer is attached. Veneers can help create a great smile.

Tooth whitening/bleaching

Professional bleaching is the most common form of tooth whitening. The ‘active ingredient’ in the product is usually hydrogen peroxide. As the active ingredient is broken down oxygen gets into the enamel on the teeth and the tooth colour is made lighter.

The Dentist will take impressions of your teeth and then create customised trays that fit your mouth perfectly. We will then send you home with syringes of dental whitening gel, and simple instructions. You should wear the trays for several hours or overnight until the desired whiteness is achieved.

Fissure Sealants

A clear coating is applied to the tooth surface to prevent decay. This is especially useful with large back teeth in children and young people who may have difficulty keeping these teeth clean.

Mouth Guards

It is very important with some sports to protect the teeth from damage with a mouth guard. Many schools will insist on their pupils wearing them. Our dentists or hygienist will take an impression to provide you with a perfectly fitting, comfortable mouth guard, which come in many shades/patterns for your child to choose from. The shape of children’s jaws changes considerably as they grow and they will need assessing every year.

Oral Hygiene Treatments

Our aim is to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health status. With care and cooperation on your part this is very achievable. Regular hygiene visits will result in healthy gums, clean teeth and fresher breath.


Here at White Oak Dental practice we have our own hygienist. Her role as hygienist is to deal with active gum disease and bad breath and by way of a long-term maintenance plan prevent further gum disease.

She works closely with you and our dentists to:

  • Thoroughly clean your teeth removing plaque, tartar and stains, creating an environment for your gums to return to normal health
  • Maintain this environment by teaching good oral hygiene techniques
  • Give dietary advice to prevent tooth decay

Regular visits with our dental hygienist will ensure your teeth stay stronger and healthier for longer.

Our hygienist is also able to carry out fillings, tooth whitening/bleaching, fissure sealants and fitting of mouth guards